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Please take a moment to check out my latest monthly article on my intentions to seek re-election this year. I have submitted this letter to our local newspapers.


July 2014

Dear Editor,

Earlier this year I had the honor of filing to run for re-election for my State House seat in the General Assembly. It has been a joy and privilege to serve the constituents of the 11th Representative District in our State Capitol during these past two years.

As State Representative, I have worked hard to fight for lower taxes for struggling families and small businesses; to help provide Delaware employers with relief from overly burdensome government regulations; to protect the civil liberties of all citizens to ensure safer communities; and to ensure a more efficient and accountable state government to the people it serves.

There were a number of important pieces of legislation that came before the General Assembly this year and the following is a list of some of the more high profile measures and my position on each:

• House Bill 276 – In the spirit of making government more responsive to the public, I was the prime sponsor of this legislation in order to address a gap in the regulatory process. The bill stated that whenever a regulation is being created or modified, as part of the public comment process, the state agency in charge must answer basic questions as to the adverse and beneficial economic effects that the regulation will have on the business being impacted. This bill was heard by the House Economic Development Committee and released on its merits. However, the bill was not considered by full the House before the legislative session adjourned at the end of June. I plan to re-introduce this measure in January.

• Senate Bill 188 – This bill would give judges the discretion of determining “habitual offender” sentences, instead of the Attorney General’s office. When this bill came before the House Judiciary Committee, I voted not to release this bill because of the potential for releasing dangerous criminals from prison early. The legislation would also have allowed some offenders whose sentences were determined by the AG’s office to be resentenced by judges. The House Judiciary Committee voted not to release the bill for consideration by the full House.

• House Bill 140 – I sponsored this new law that will assist our veterans in need. The legislation adds the Delaware Veterans Trust Fund to the list of programs eligible to receive contributions from a personal state income tax check-off.

• House Substitute 1 for House Bill 187 – This legislation targeted many of our hard-working nonprofit organizations by requiring extra work on their part through annual financial disclosures and/or audits and filing fees. I voted against this bill when it was heard by the House Economic Development Committee the first time it went through the committee process. It remained pending in committee at the end of session.

• House Bill 318 – This legislation, which has been enacted, doubles the research and development tax credit available to smaller businesses while keeping in place the annual cap of $5 million for the credit as a whole. I was a co-sponsor of this important business-friendly measure aimed at encouraging innovation.

In addition, during my two-years in office, I have continued to fight for the rights of farmers, outdoorsmen and women, and Delaware’s first responders. An extensive email list has also been created that allows me to communicate with constituents on a weekly basis about important events that are happening in and around the 11th District, as well as significant legislative matters that I am involved in on their behalf. The email updates also give me the opportunity to share a personal passion of mine by offering a new recipe each week of some of my favorite dishes.

Without a doubt, it has been an honor to represent the great citizens of the 11th District in our state legislature. As a former U.S. Navy contractor and a current history and politics instructor at higher education institutions in Delaware, I would say that serving as State Representative is one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had. I am humbled to have the chance to serve in the General Assembly and I look forward to continuing in January much of the work we started two years ago. There’s still a lot more to accomplish, especially as we develop strong policies for spurring economic development and bringing more jobs to Delaware. Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you as I make my way around the district between now and November 4th.

I was born in this district and I now have the privilege of raising my first child here, too. I want this area to be as great for him as it was for me.


Jeff Spiegelman
State Representative
11th District

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