Election Night

Friends for Jeff Spiegelman Apparently, there is some sort of election this week.  Who knew…. But seriously, we Americans have faced tough election cycles and election nights in our history.  No matter who wins on Tuesday, I hope that we can face it with the dignity that is deserving of a great and modern nation.  […]

Mid-October Update and Cheeseburger Buns

Friends for Jeff Spiegelman With Covid still interrupting my meetings with constituents (which I REALLY miss having) we are still doing less updates.  This will probably be the last one before Halloween.  -While I am unopposed I have been trying as much as I can to help some other reps in their races.  Monday evening […]

150th G.A. Comes to a Close

Friends for Jeff Spiegelman And so we bid a “fond” farewell to the 150th General Assembly.  It certainly has been an “interesting” year.  I never thought, when I was first elected in 2012, that I would be sitting in my dining room, on a zoom meeting (what was “Zoom” in 2012?), until past midnight in […]