HB129 Meeting- Cajun Shrimp Po boy- May 19 2019 Update

Friends for Jeff Spiegelman,

I hope you had a great Mothers’ Day and you will have a reflective Memorial Day. No update next weekend.

-I was contacted by the Blackbird Democrats Club who wanted a bipartisan group of legislators to come talk to them about their concerns with HB129, a bill that would allow school districts to raise taxes without referendums for operating costs. The meeting is being held on Monday night.

-I am sorry to be missing the Memorial Day parade in Smyrna on Monday.

-Over the next couple of weeks we will be putting together our next round of meetings and coffees with constituents. Are there any days and times you would like us to try to schedule?

I love recipes that I stumble upon while trying to make something else. In this case, I had some leftover small shrimp and rolls from other recipes. I was in the mood for Cajun. Hmmmm Cajun Shrimp Po-Boys!!!

-Small, cooked, tail-on shrimp

-1/2 onion, sliced

-1 clove garlic, chopped

-1 tbsp olive oil

-1 cup ketchup

-1 tbsp chili powder

-1/2 tbsp oregano, garlic powder, onion powder

-1 tsp paprika

-2 packets chicken bullion (or 2 crushed cubes)

-1 tsp (or more…. a lot more) hot sauce

Whisk the ketchup together with all the seasonings and set aside. Heat the oil and fry the onions for 2 minutes. Add the garlic and fry until everything begins to brown around the edges. Add the shrimp and 2-3 tbsps of the sauce. Stir-fry until hot. Toast some rolls, spread the sauce on the roll, and scoop the shrimp mixture on top.

— Thanks.
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