Friends for Jeff Spiegelman
This Monday (6/25) at 7pm is our Campaign Kick-Off event at the Kenton Ruritan! See below for more details.
-We are entering the last week of session. We have Tuesday-Thursday of this week and then the dreaded June 30th. Hopefully things will go a bit more smoothly than last year (when I got home at 645am the next morning and we were still not done and had to come back for an “Extraordinary Session”). There are still much work to be done on some controversial measures including the Budget, Bond, and Grants-in-Aid bills.
-To try to help things go a little easier in Leg Hall, I am hosting several therapy dog organizations in Legislative Hall. This was a hit when I did it last year. Spending a bit of time with a canine friend for those of us under stress might just have some great residual benefits for the good people of Delaware as we struggle through these last couple of days. That is my hope, anyway.
-On Friday is the annual, and very popular, Smyrna night out.
-If you don’t hear from me on Sunday because I will be recovering, please have a happy and safe 4th of July. Happy Birthday, America. I will be celebrating by walking in the Smyrna/Clayton parade.
-CAMPAIGN KICK-OFF. On Monday, June 25th I will be officially launching my campaign with a campaign kick-off. 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at the Kenton Ruritan Club in Kenton, DE. Food and non-alcoholic drinks will be available and families are welcome. This event will be free of charge but donations are appreciated (Checks may be made out to Friends for Jeff Spiegelman. PO Box 869. Clayton, DE 19938). The 11th and 29th District GOP will be meeting at 645 in the same location right before the event
-We are putting together the schedule for our next round of constituent meetings for the summer. Stay tuned for more details. We have been delayed because of the hectic-ness that is late June in the General Assembly.
This recipe was build on a couple of failures in a row. I was trying, initially, to make Hawaiian Fire Water. It didn’t work. Then I was trying to use that to make sweet pickled Japanese cherries. That didn’t work. In giving this another try, I came across something that did work. And it was yummy! Cooking is like that sometimes
-12 dried birds eye chilies or 2 dried habenaro chilies
-2 sliced garlic cloves
-2 cups seasoned rice vinegar
-1 tbpn salt
-1 tspn sugar
-2 dozen cherries
-2 cucumbers
-1/2 medium onion
Bring the chilies, garlic, vinegar, sugar, and salt to a boil. Turn off heat. Move to a glass jar with a tight fitting lid. Set on a windowsill for two days, gently shaking the bottle on occasion. Pit the cherries and drop into the jar. Let sit in the refrigerator for 2 days. Very thinly slice the cucumber and onions. Strain the liquid in the jar, discard the solids and pour over the cucumbers. Cover and let sit in the fridge overnight. Strain and serve.
— Thanks.
Jeff Spiegelman
Representative 11th District
Dover: 302-744-4171
Cell: 302-399-7728
Fax: 302-739-2773
Legislative Hall: PO Box 1401.  Dover, DE  19903
Personal:  PO Box 869.  Clayton, DE.  19938

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