Eats and Sweets Tuesday- Beef Cheek Correction- May 20th 2018 Update

Friends for Jeff Spiegelman,


The sun came out a bit today. You know, that yellow thing in the sky that gives warmth and crops…


-On Tuesday morning is our next meeting with constituents. This one is at a new location: Eats and Sweets in Smyrna, DE. 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Come on in and let me buy you a cup of coffee. It’s the least I can do for your continued support.


-On Thursday, I will be joining the Governor at the STAR Campus in Newark for the signing of the Angel Investor Tax Credit. I am very excited about what this bill can do for economic development in the First State.

-Congratulations to the Town of Hartly on your new official signage. I will be on hand Thursday night for the official unveiling.

-No update next week. Have a safe Memorial Day. We can never say thank you enough to the brave men and women in uniform who gave the last full measure of devotion to this great nation. I will be taking part in the annual festivities in Smyrna.

-Here is our constituent meeting schedule. Come to any or all of these events for a little political discussion! We have added a NEW TIME/PLACE to our meeting schedule. See below:

Tuesday, May 22nd Eats and Sweets 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.


I enjoyed last week’s recipe, but I need to make some corrections. Below is the recipe with some updates based on what did and did not work. Remember, cooking is often trial and error. The biggest change is the temperature.

-2 beef cheeks with as much fat as you can trimmed off or get them from a butcher that will professionally trim them

-1 tbsp salt, coriander, oregano, sage

-1 tbsp cumin, dark brown sugar

-2 tbsp chili powder, pepper


Combine all the spices to make a rub. Evenly coat the cheeks. Allow to sit in the refrigerator uncovered for a couple of hours. Take out and let the meat come to room temperature. Smoke at 250 degrees for 5 hours. Flip halfway. Internal temp should be around 210-220 degrees. Slice or pull. Keep an eye on the temp after 3 ½ hours as thinner and thicker pieces will take different times to cook. Serve on small rolls as sliders.


— Thanks.

Jeff Spiegelman
Representative 11th District

Dover: 302-744-4171

Cell: 302-399-7728

Fax: 302-739-2773



Legislative Hall: PO Box 1401.  Dover, DE  19903

Personal:  PO Box 869.  Clayton, DE.  19938

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