Marydel Parade Sunday- Fryday Special- November 25th 2018 Update

Friends for Jeff Spiegelman

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and you are getting ready for the Holiday season.

-Not a lot going on with politics this week. I am getting caught up on work and putting together some legislation for the 150th General Assembly

-Sunday at 2pm is the annual Marydel Christmas Parade.

-Now that the election is over we will soon be putting our meeting with constituents schedule together for the rest of this year and early next year. It is heartbreaking that one of my favorite spots, Willey Farms, will not be on the schedule for the foreseeable future. Good luck to the Willey Family as they rebuild an iconic store and landmark. It was also painful not to do my annual Small Business Saturday trip to the place.

While Thanksgiving is everyone’s favorite holiday, we have another tradition at the Spiegelman house; Fry-day. We always find some creative things to deep fry and this year was no exception. Here was the best thing we invented. WARNING; serious food.


-Peanut butter

-Marshmallow fluff

-Funnel cake batter

-Peanut oil

Heat the oil to 300 degrees. Prep the batter however the package says. Take the Oreo’s apart. Smear some peanut butter and some fluff as added filling and reform the Oreo’s. Scrape off any excess. Dip in batter and deep fry about a minute. Let cool and realize you just made yourself that much less physically healthy a human being. But, soooooo worth it.

— Thanks.
Jeff Spiegelman
Representative 11th District
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