Wednesday is Tax Day- Steak Sauce- July 12 2020 Update

Friends for Jeff Spiegelman,

That was a heck of a storm this week.  Now back to the 90s. 

-On Tuesday, I am attending (virtually, unfortunately) a meeting with the Consulate General of Israel in New York to discuss Delaware’s continued economic relationship with the country of Israel.  I am really looking forward to it.

-Just a reminder, Wednesday is the rescheduled Tax Day.  You have a few days left to get it done.  Wednesday also has a caucus with fellow members of the House GOP.  Even in the offseason we continue to meet to discuss ways on how to help make Delaware better.

-On Saturday is the GOP State Convention.  I will most likely be attending via Zoom.

-Next Monday evening (7/20) is the next meeting of the 11th District GOP.  I will have more details for you next week.

-If you would like a yard sign, please let me know and a member of my team would be happy to drop one off to you.  Thank you to everyone who has requested one.  We are still working on getting them out to you.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE KEEP THEM 10 FEET OFF THE ROAD OR DelDOT WILL COME AND TAKE THEM FROM YOU AND MAIL ME A FINE. 

“This could use some steak sauce”.  “I do not know if we have any…. I guess I could try to make some…”.  And some was made:


-Worcestershire Sauce


Combine all ingredients.  I did not pay attention to how much I put in of each one.  Just play around with ratios until you get it to your liking.  If you are feeling frisky, add black pepper. 

-Enjoy your week.

Jeff Spiegelman
Representative 11th District
Dover: 302-744-4171
Cell: 302-399-7728
Fax: 302-739-2773
Legislative Hall: PO Box 1401. Dover, DE 19903

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